Saturday, January 1, 2011

Find the missing stitch!

This is the border design I used for Oaxaca. It's a laid filling stitch. That means that you lay in some long stitches and then you lay other stitches over them creating a pattern.

It's always a surprise when we think we're finished stitching, and then notice that a single stitch was missed. Well, I noticed a missed stitch in this border. See if you can find it. Hopefully, you'll find only one!

The threads used in this border are Rainbow Gallery Linen, Neon Rays, Petite Sparkle Rays, and Threadworx floss overdye.

1 comment:

  1. Such patience you have to do this fine work! Isn't it amazing how different all our styles and talents are? From super-detail to slapdash exuberance, but it's all so wonderfully expressive of who we are and where we are on the journey.