Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Gift of the Stitch

Designed and stitched by Nandra Hotchkiss

Cassie and I just returned from a fabulous weekend in Scottsdale, AZ. We were invited to teach our canvas "Harmony" at Old Town Needlework. Our trip started in Tucson and we drove to Scottsdale. We had the best mother-daughter time! Cassie and I have such a fun and easy relationship. In the car we laughed, listened to our favorite pod casts, caught up on the happenings of friends and family and we even sang a few bars of a great song.

Janice, of Old Town Needlework, was a fabulous host and we had awesome stitchers in our class. The class moved along in pace as we all shared stores, tips on how to exact stitches, and our favorite threads.

As class drew to the end we had some time to visit with a special student who is batteling some very serious and long term health challenges. She expressed to us how important her stitching is to her. Not just the completion of the canvas, but the whole process--from choosing the right canvas, threads, and stitches. To the act of blending all the components together along with the most important ingredients of --"friendship", "comradery" and the love of a "common thread."

Cassie and I reflecte on just how blessed we are to have such a love of stitching to share not only with each other, but also with our kindred spirits--our sister stitchers.

May you all have a Peaceful Easy Day, A Happy Easter and Passover,


Old Town Needlework

Nandra, Janice, and Cassie

Harmony is available at your local retail shop from Sundance Designs. The handpainted canvas comes with a stitch guide. Some of the materials used are: River Silks for the center flower and sun's rays; Sundance Beads for the sun, snowflakes, tree leaves, and buds; Sundance Sequins for the flower center*, and Sundance Sparkles Embellishment Thread for the apples in the Summer square.

*Note: A tutorial for doing the ribbon flower with bead and sequin center is in our September 2012 Blog!

Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day from Sundance Designs

Happy Valentine's Day

"A day for lovers everywhere
and especially for those who love needle art!"

Here are a few Sundance Hearts from our line of 
fine handpainted needlepoint canvases

A Time for Love
Original design for Sundance Designs by Gale Tuoti
Stitched by Sandra Arthur

This hand painted needlepoint design was taught by Sandy Arthur at our Winter trade show in Long Beach, CA and is available with a very extensive stitch guide. Some of the unique techniques used are pulled work, padding, shirring, and gathering. Today's "hot" threads--silks, metallics, overdyed cottons and ribbons were used as well as our Sundance beads, sequins and Sparkles Embellishment thread which was ironed flat and attached with sequins and beads for the mint green border.

Love is Kind
Original design by Sally Huss
Stitched by Nandra Hotchkiss

Beaded Heart
Original design for Sundance Designs by Terry Medaris
Stitched by Alice Borge

Heart Design from our Greeting Card Line
Designed by Annie Get Your Fun