Monday, August 1, 2011

San Antonio Needlepoint Project

It's been so long since I've made a blog entry that I forgot my password! Let me share with you what I've been stitching: I was asked by Lisa at the Yarn Barn in San Antonio, TX to come up with something special for her shop during the national ANG Seminar which is being held in her city this year. This was something new for me and I said, "Why not!" So, Lisa sent various advertising pieces with pictures of local sites and our artists put together the above design which I stitched! It was really fun and something different for a change. I used Sundance Beads in the lettering, Sundance Sequins on the umbrella tops, DMC Memory Thread for the Texas flag pole and top. My favorite part is the life preserver on the boat, I covered a round plastic stitch counter for knitting with pearl cotton and attached it with floss. If you go to the seminar, plan a visit to the Yarn Barn to see the finished piece which is available with a stitch guide, and also check out our SundanceTrunk Show.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Border with pomegranates, white flowers, and buds

The top border on my Oaxaca needlepoint has white flowers with shisha mirror centers surrounded by French Knots, orange flower buds, and pomegranates stitched over red felt padding. Each element is connected with Outline Stitches for the leaves and stems. The background stitch is called Railway Ladder and it's done with two plies of floss overdye. I love this stitch when I want the color of the painted canvas to show and by using overdyed threads, a gradual shading is produced.

Top Border on Oaxaca

Threads used are red Splendor Silk, Threadworx floss overdye, white Frosty Rays, orange Sparkle Rays, green Impressions

Missed stitch revealed

Last month when I posted a photo of one of the borders on Oaxaca, I was shocked to see that I had missed a stitch. I was so surprised that I had missed seeing it until I saw the photo. I searched the entire border and couldn't find another missed stitch. So, I wondered if anyone else could find it.

Here it is. I've marked the spot.

Have a great day stitching and I hope you find all your missed stitches--better yet, I hope missing stitches is a thing of the past.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Find the missing stitch!

This is the border design I used for Oaxaca. It's a laid filling stitch. That means that you lay in some long stitches and then you lay other stitches over them creating a pattern.

It's always a surprise when we think we're finished stitching, and then notice that a single stitch was missed. Well, I noticed a missed stitch in this border. See if you can find it. Hopefully, you'll find only one!

The threads used in this border are Rainbow Gallery Linen, Neon Rays, Petite Sparkle Rays, and Threadworx floss overdye.