Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lattes at Starbucks and Jane LaFazio

Small Art Quilt
Several years ago I took an art quilt class from Jane LaFazio and this is one of the projects I completed. I loved the class and getting to know Jane. She's the artist who painted the original "Tree of Life Oaxaca" that I adapted into needlepoint. It's my current stitching project and what inspired me to start this blog. Jane is one of the most talented persons I know. She creates, teaches, volunteers to teach children, travels and teaches in Italy, San Miguel, Mexico and in the USA. She's a successful business woman, full of energy and loads of fun-a true inspiration!

Yesterday, we met at Starbucks so I could show her my stitched piece and here's what she wrote today on her blog
You can also read more about Jane on her website

Thanks, Jane.

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  1. How fortunate you are to know Jane in person!!! Through her blog, I've discovered yours. I'm not a needlepointer but do love your work - the detail and colors are amazing!! Love your sense of humor with your grasshopper, Diego.