Friday, November 12, 2010

Beaded Indian Corn

In October we were able to have an adult vacation with my two children, Nandra and David, and my son-in-law, DJ. And, what fun we had exploring New England! Dan and I grew up in the East, but the kids had not experienced the explosion of color that autumn brings to that part of the country. Lighthouses, lobster, pumpkins, corn shocks, picturesque Vermont villages, crisp cool air, apple pie, scenic drives, blueberry beer, and Indian corn were just a few of the cherished memories that forever will be etched in our hearts and minds.

Fall Harvest in Deerfield, Massachusetts

Oaxaca, Tree of Life, my current needlepoint project, has Indian corn in it! So, to make it look natural, I stitched it with raffia, overdyed thread and Sundance Beads to get the full effect.

Indian Corn
I used size 11 beads in yellow and size 14 for the browns. Using the Brick Stitch for doing beads on needlepoint is the best thing since sliced bread! Really! You'll have to try it. Here's the stitch diagram:

The beads nest in the holes instead of on the intersection. You can stitch in horizontal or diagonal rows. Also, it works best on painted canvas. Have fun!

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